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Gypsy, is a member of a group of people who speak Romany and who traditionally live by seasonal work and fortune telling. Gitana, a song by Argentine ska band, Los Fabulosos Cadillacs.Released on the album El León in 1992.  Band formed in 1986 and with more than fourteen albums, is one of the most influential rock bands in Latin America mixing, rock and roll, ska, jazz, folk, reggae, funk and big band with irreverent and humorous lyrics. Gitana is fundamentally a candombe, which is a very characteristic kind of music and dance inherited from African slaves and considered an important cultural feature in Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil based on three different drums: chico, repique and piano. Is usually played in February during the carnival at dance parades. Gitana is a carnival anthem that was thought and produced to give carnival atmosphere and seems to had been recorded live, by the choruses, shouts and slogans. The core members of the band are Gabriel Fernandez Capello (known as Vicentico) and Flavio Cianciarulo (known as Sr. Flavio) who have done most of the songwriting and lyrics throughout the years. Color red. Check our Size guide.

Shoecase offers footwear with style, comfort and unique limited edition shoe models. Our boots or sneakers are beautiful, fun, durable, edgy and comfortable. Made with quality materials, creativity and detailed design. We are introducing Te para tres from Argentina, an independent shoe brand, with a very clever way of combining both colours and fabrics, making the shoes easy to style and ideal for multiple situations. Te para Tres, to walk your dreams.


Upper Exterior: the materials used are canvas and woven fabrics, which vary constantly, with originality and design always in mind. All fabrics are bonded with a fabric (non-woven) of 0.8 mm for more structure.
Linings: is pique bonded with non-woven. This apart from giving it a nice finish, since it is designed to combine with the outside, it gives rigidity and arms the boot so that it does not lose shape and that it lasts over time. Also, the material used is porous, letting the foot breath, especially in warm weather.
Zipper: nylon monofilament YKK zippers with an immense variety of colours. YKK is a leading brand, guaranteeing a closure without difficulties, with a good slip and durability. The automatic metallic sliders help when they get on or off so they stay place.
Toe and Heel: Synthetic polyurethane leather (P.L) has an excellent physical resistance, which makes it a particularly suitable material for manufacturing of footwear. P.L stands out for its high resistance to traction, perforation, tearing and rupture. A buttress in the toe and heel, makes the boot not to deform, helps to have a better fit, the boot does not dent at the tip and the heel does not break with the use.
Soles: they are TR (thermoplastic rubber). It is the best material so far developed. It is lightweight, has resistance and is non-slippery. The soles are soft, comfortable and ergonomic, providing the foot with better movement and better adaptation.

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